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Sustainable energy systems
New Generation of Solar Thermal Systems


The overall objective of this project is to introduce more cost-effective solar thermal systems, particularly for domestic hot water preparation and / or space heating, to the market in order to contribute to the European Union's Action Plans with regard to the reduction of CO2 – Emissions and the cost effective supply of renewable energies. In order to achieve this goal the project provides a framework for the development of the next generation of solar thermal systems and their introduction to the market.

The main instruments and deliverables of this project will be

  • A network for the co-ordination of the research and innovation activities for the development of a new generation of solar thermal systems
  • Accompanying measures intended to introduce a new generation of solar thermal systems for domestic hot water preparation and / or space heating to the markets. Theses measures are focused on the
  • – promotion of standardised system concepts
    – integration of solar thermal systems into building technology
    – methods for rating, standardisation and testing of the next generation of systems
    – forming a platform for the work on advanced applications such as solar cooling and desalination

In order to achieve the ambitious goals of this project the consortium consists of leading solar thermal experts form research and test institutes as well as industry participants from several European countries. The project activities will be closely linked to the work of the IEA SH&C Task 32 (Advanced storage concepts for solar thermal systems in low energy buildings) and with regard to standardisation work to CEN TC 312 (Thermal solar systems and components).

The project work is divided into 6 work packages
(click on the work package to learn more about the description of work):

WP 1 - Next generation of systems
WP 2 - Standardised system concepts
WP 3 - Integration in buildings
WP 4 - Towards the next generation of standards
WP 5 - Advanced applications
WP 6 - Project management and dissemination of project results

Project Duration: July 2004 - June 2007

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