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Public Deliverables 
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Public Deliverables 
WP4 - WP6

Sustainable energy systems
New Generation of Solar Thermal Systems

PUBLIC DELIVERABLES (Status: November 2007)

Periodic Activity Report
1st reporting period (01.07.2004 - 31.12.2005) (584 kB)
2nd reporting period (01.01.2006 - 30.06.2007) (1.1 MB)

WP 1 - Next generation of systems
WP1.D1: Summary report on today’s system technology (1 MB)
WP1.D2: Report about theoretical system evaluation (2.1 MB)
WP1.D3: National industry workshops (87 kB)
WP1.D4: Design and installation guidelines for the new system generation (105 kB)
WP1.D4: List of solar thermal engineering guidelines (0.8 MB)
WP1.D5: Results on the on-site evaluation of the new system generation (1.7 MB)

Evaluation Reports
WP1.E1: Solar System Concept with water filled collector loop for SDHW, Germany (544 kB)
WP1.E2: Solar Combisystem Concept with water filled collector loop, Germany (509 kB)
WP1.E3a: Drainback Solar Water Heating System, Germany (240 kB)
WP1.E3b: Drainback Solar Water Heating System, Germany (297 kB)
WP1.E4: Compact Heating Unit for SDHW preparation, Germany (357 kB)
WP1.E5: Combisystem Unit with integrated pellets auxiliary heater (REBUS pellet), Sweden (346 kB)
WP1.E6: Combisystem Unit with integrated gas auxiliary heater, Denmark (258 kB)
WP1.E7: Combisystem with non-pressurized store and polymer collector, Norway (336 kB)
WP1.E8: Integrated Collector Storage, Netherlands (244 kB)
WP1.E9: Combisystem with pool heating in Southern European climate, Portugal (454 kB)
WP1.E9-2: Report on simulation study and economic analysis (1.2 MB)

Experiences from the installation of the new system generation
WP1.F1: Solar thermal system with water filled collector loop  (78 kB)
WP1.F2: Compact heating unit for solar domestic hot water (SDHW) preparation (76 kB)