Public Deliverables 
Public Deliverables 
WP2 - WP3
Public Deliverables 
WP4 - WP6

Sustainable energy systems
New Generation of Solar Thermal Systems

PUBLIC DELIVERABLES (Status: November 2007)

WP 2 - Standardised system concepts
WP2.D1: Questionnaire concerning larger solar thermal systems (485 kB)
WP2.D2: National workshops on solar heating systems for larger buildings (868 kB)
WP2.D3: Report concerning investigation and evaluation of existing financing models (191 kB)
WP2.D4: Material for marketing SDHW systems to investors in the building industry (464 kB)
WP2.D5: Report on technical investigations on large solar thermal systems (3.6 MB)
WP2.D6: Presentations and publications (1.5 MB)

WP 3 - Integration in buildings
WP3.D1_D2: Inventory of guidelines, Overview of existing requirements in EU countries and directives
(539 kB)
WP3.D3: Recommendations for Uniform European Requirements for Building Integration of Solar
               Thermal Collectors
(416 kB)
WP3.D4: Workshops on integration of solar thermal functions into building components (1.3 MB)
Annex a1: Presentations of workshop in St. Pölten (984 kB)
Annex a2: Presentations of workshop in St. Pölten (7.1 MB)
Annex b:   Presentations of workshop in Portugal (800 kB)
Annex c:   Presentations of workshop in Sweden (5.8 MB)
Annex d:   Presentations of workshop in The Netherlands (2.1 MB)
Annex e: List of participants (186 kB)
WP3.D5: Recommendation of concepts for easy installation and integration in
               conventional heating appliances
(1.2 MB)
WP3.D6: Integration of solar thermal components in conventional and other installations -
               articles in dedicated magazines for solar industry
(2.7 MB) - Annex (8.4 MB)
WP3.D7: Recommendations easily installable products (278 kB)
WP3.D8: Articles in dedicated magazines for solar industry: simplification of the installation
(324 kB) - Annex (1.9 MB)
WP3.D9: Examples of successful aesthetic integration (687 kB)
WP3.D10: Dissemination to architects’ magazines (1.6 MB) - Annex (5.1 MB)