Public Deliverables 
Public Deliverables 
WP2 - WP3
Public Deliverables 
WP4 - WP6

Sustainable energy systems
New Generation of Solar Thermal Systems

PUBLIC DELIVERABLES (Status: November 2007)

WP 4 - Next generation of standards
WP4.D1: Meeting minutes and status reports of subtask meeting (122 kB)
WP4.D2: Draft documents on proposed standards procedures
                   D2.1: Advanced collectors (6.7 MB)
D2.2: Advanced stores (185 kB)
D2.3: Advanced controllers (162 kB)
D2.4: combisystems (932 kB)
D2.5: solar cooling (409 kB)
D2.6: solar desalination (311 kB)
D2.7: fluids (28 kB) / D2.7a (136 kB) / D2.7b (125 kB) / D2.7c (124 kB) / D2.7d (108 kB)
D2.8: LCA (28 kB) / D2.8.0 (45 kB) / D2.8.a (608 kB) / D2.8.b (1.4 MB)
D2.9: m² -> power and energy (259 kB)
WP4.D3: Official proposals to CEN TC312 and WGs (103 kB)

WP 5 - Advanced applications
WP5.D1: Technical status report on solar desalination and solar cooling (6.7 MB)
WP5.D2: Report concerning suitability of different collector technologies for
solar cooling and solar desalination
(735 kB)
WP5.D3: Design- and simulation software (234 kB) / Software (5.2 MB)
WP5.D4: Workshop on solar cooling and solar desalination (634 kB)
WP5.D5: Feasibility study in order to identify the potential areas for these applications (169 kB)

WP 6 - Project management
WP6.D2: Project Presentation (1.0 MB)
WP6.D3: Project website (28 kB)
WP6.D4: Two industry workshops (131 kB)
WP6.D5: Printed or electronic special publications (4.8 MB)
WP6.D7: Presentations at estec 2005 (152 kB)
WP6.D8: Special seminars focused on possible specific project results (131 kB)
WP6.D10: Final plan for using and dissemination of knowledge (462 kB)
WP6.D11: Final report (205 kB)
WP6.Gender.D1: Gender flyer (688 kB)